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Global Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. holds a position to be an exceptional and focused company to BUY, SELL or RENT Farm Houses in Delhi NCR. We are only one of its kind domains, proficient in the field of Farm Houses and Lands in Delhi NCR, in which the clients can access information, business assistance and value adds to their farm house project, from a single meeting. Our examine teams collect information on each day, and the analysts evaluate the same with our legal teams. We research for every project, estimate the market value of the project and suggest our clients accordingly.

We assist our clients with the legal documentation, mutation, registration and such additional actions that may be essential for a valid legal deal. We prominently deal with R Zone Land in Delhi NCR and Green Belt Land in Delhi NCR. We assist our clients in estimation for offering Farm Houses in Delhi NCR, Lands of Green belt in L-Zone and R-Zone. Our experts are capable in the selection of project Land and implementation together with sales of farm houses. We also offer funding and financing facilities for buyers and farm house owners. We have a professional team for renovation and interior work for your farm houses.

Villages in Peripheral Green Belt Area

  1. Badusaria
  2. Bakkarwala
  3. Bakargarh
  4. Deorala
  5. Dhansa
  6. Ghalibpur
  7. Ghumanhera
  8. Isapur
  9. Jainpur
  10. Jharoda Kalan
  12. Kair
  13. Kanganheri
  14. Mitraon
  15. Mundhela Kalan
  16. Nanakheri
  17. Raghopur
  18. Raota
  19. Shikarpur
  20. Surekh Pur
  21. Tikri Kalan
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